13 May, 2008

This post may offend some sports fans...

WGR's current web poll asks i you would trade our Sabres for a MLB or NBA franchise. As of about 9:30 on 13 May 08, 83% say no and 17% of the people who responded are complete morons. Personally I find baseball dull and boring.

IF some good friends are going to a baseball game then I might go more to hang out than anything else. People say that hockey is boring, but I find that far from true. Even in a very low scoring game each shift players are constantly sprinting up and down the ice and getting slammed around. In baseball I see players standing around for at least half the time they're on the field. Then they might make a short sprint, only to stand around again. When was the last time you saw a runner get leveled? Furthermore, baseball has no right to complain about low scoring games. 22 innings for a final score of 2-1? Please, I don't know how people managed to stay awake through that snore-fest. Remember '99 or '94? Triple sudden-death OT, yet at the same we saw some very intense displays of athleticism. Sure, one of those games ended with a horrible call, but at the same time it was a great game.

Basketball is a sport that I cant' seem to get into. Basketball has the problem of over-inflated scores. A basket just isn't much when you have scores in the 90s to 100s. A game where a team wins 70 to 50 is low scoring? That being said I'd MUCH rather watch a basketball game than a baseball game.

Buffalo has a baseball team, so if that's your thing then go to a Bison's game. Buffalo had an NBA team, and it failed and moved out of town. Besides, I'd rather watch a college hoops game than an NBA game, and Buffalo is privileged with several college teams. Didn't the Arena play host to early rounds of March Madness a few years ago? (Ok, so maybe it was 6 or 7 because I think I was in high school at the time)

All this to say that I wouldn't trade the Sabres for any other sports franchise. I'd rather they be re-named and give an even more hideous logo and be filled with players like Ray Emery and Sean Avery than have the Sabres move away in exchange for a MLB or NBA team. (But please don't ever let it come to that! Fortunately Golisano seems committed to keeping the Sabres in Buffalo, and Buffalo continues to have some of the highest ratings in the country for hockey even without our team in the playoffs.

On an unrelated note (and to make the this entry a bit longer and more useless) I'll relate a story to you. But first I'm going to give you a little something about me. I'm in the Pa National Guard. Currently I am going through a readiness processing program. Last night we had to do a long boring medical briefing with paperwork. Right now we have a soldiers from all over the state here. During the briefing the sergeant in charge (NCOIC) asked if there were any Flyers fans. After a few people cheered he asked "What's the series at now? 2-0? Funny how the Flyers said they'd sweep the Pens." I just started laughing. Throughout the briefing he made fun of the Flyers fans, who tried to make fun of him back (kind of hard to do when your team is losing the series). It made an otherwise excruciatingly long and boring briefing bearable.

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