25 September, 2008

I'm a week late to the party

It took me a week to find out that Stafford has been signed to the mythical "5 for $25" deal. In the mean time I've been firing many rounds from my rifle and the M-2, and I was even rolled over in a (mock up) Humvee. But next week I should have something resembling consistent internet access.

I've read that the rest of you have experienced the Sabres the way I have for the past few years -- via RJ's voice. (Oh, and I had to wait a week to find out that I get to continue hearing him call the games for another 2 years)

Well, that's all because I need to update friends on my life.

17 September, 2008

Fare thee well (for now)...

These last few days have been busy for me. I've been packing and trying to get rid of my van (I'm about to call the volunteer fire department where I live to see if they want to use the jaws of life on it and burn it), and tie up a few other loose ends. In just about 25 hours and 45 minutes I report for duty. I will probably not be on for the rest of this week, and perhaps not the week after, but once I am I should be able to comment regularly on games and videos that are posted online with the new exclusive Sabres webcast content.

Oh, and I hope to buy tickets to a game or two soon (only two dates will really work for me though)

09 September, 2008

So I suck at updating

At least 4 times in the past week or so I had this window open to post a new entry, but I just didn't have it in me. I plan on finishing my "100 things about me" soon, but not today. Turns out getting ready to leave all your friends and family for a year to go someplace hot and sandy just kind of pushes other things to the back burner. As I've mentioned before I'm in the army (National Guard), and I'm deploying soon. I report for my mobilization training late next week, and right now I'm trying to visit family and friends and get my stuff cleaned up and organized so if my roommate needs to move us while I'm gone he can be sure he has all my stuff. And to ward of all the questions no, I'm not nervous or anything like that yet (I have a really laid back "whatever happens will happen, my God is in control" attitude that comes from my faith.)

As for Sabres related stuff, well, most things have been said. My very quick analysis of the team this year is as follows:
  • Last year we were something like 4th (I think I read it, but I'm not positive at the moment), so offense isn't too much of a problem. Defense is.
  • We needed to get some solid defensemen.
  • We needed to stock our now empty AHL team since we don't share that job with another team anymore
  • We traded away a forward for a solid veteran D-man with grit -- good move.
  • We locked in our goalie and got him some relief that (hopefully) won't be a carboard cut-out in goal.
  • We extended our veteran D-Man for another year, which will bring more experience and other "intangibles" to the defense. This also quelled rumors about how no one wants to play for Buffalo and how much Buffalo management suck, etc.
  • We now have a team with a strong offense and a defense that's stronger than last year. This SHOULD lead to a play-off run.
  • What ever happened to Tim Connolly? Does anyone really care if he just leaves?

Yes, I am very hopeful for this season, though I will have to watch most of it from afar. But I plan on getting in at least one game during my Christmas leave (Maybe 2 or 3!)