30 October, 2009

My new favorite player is...

It's nice to see a game tonight, though it looks they're content to sit back with a one goal lead in the third.

I bought a new book last night! "Perrault said to Rico..." is about stories from the Sabres as they started a thriving NHL franchise in a city that many thought could never support a pro team without drawing heavily from southern Ontario. I have to say that I think I have a new all time favorite Sabre -- Kito Tsujimoto, drafted from the Tokyo Katanas, and the man who never existed (though his bumper sticker reminded all those who can read Japanese to "Think Stanley." The book seems to be a must read for Sabres fans and also comes with a CD. I haven't listened to the CD, but I'm enjoying the book (though I've just started).

Perhaps I'll post more after the game.

21 October, 2009

Thoughts on a young season

The Sabres are off to a sharp start (cue rimshot, sorry, I couldn't resist) with a 5-1-1 record and currently sitting in 2nd place in the Eastern Conference. The defense sounds like it is starting to lapse, however, so Lindy had better start cracking down. The biggest thing that stands out to me this early in the season are the first 3 games where the Sabres stayed in to grab at least a point in some close games. It seem like the kinds of games they lost last year they are staying in and battling through to victory this year.

BUT they also show signs of going back to their old frustrating ways. I haven't been pleased with what I've heard as far as the defensive corps goes for the last 3 games. Sure, they won 2 of the 3, but the Thrashers game shows how much they depend on Miller (who is off to another great start). Tonight's game and last Friday night's game both sounded like the defense went into a "Well, we have enough points to pull us through" coasting mode that just won't cut it. Sharpen up, boys.

I'm not sure what's up with this "condensed" schedule, but it doesn't seem that condensed to me. The sabres are playing 3 games a week until the end of November. That's right, every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday are game days, and only those 3 days, every week until a Thursday night game sometime around 30 November. What is this, football?

In this early season we've seen one trade already because of our problems with extra wings. (Great, now I'm hungry for wings and there's no good places around here) I'd like to see a trade to get a better back-up goalie, but I don't think that will happen with the current cap conditions. We need to have someone we can trust when giving a much deserved rest, and I just don't have confidence in Lalime.

So here's the question: Who would you offer as trade bait for a back-up goaltender?

09 October, 2009

When one is entering WNY from the East on I-90 the first radio station to come in is WBEN. AM stations tend to have a bit better coverage than FM as far as strait up distance. I can pick up WBEN somewhere around the 390 (maybe a bit before). The next stations to come in are the FM stations, which start to come in good enough for listening about when I'm passing the RIT Conference Center. Why is it that I have to wait about 30 more miles until I reach the Pembroke exit (48A) in order to hear the Sabres game? WGR really needs to up their power. I heard the last few seconds of the 2nd and the first two goals before I headed into my parents' house. Why, WGR,must you torture me? Apparently there's some app I can get for my I-phone to listen to WGR, but I'm cheap (yes, even though I have an i-phone I can still be cheap and not pay for the extras. I saved up my money for my car, motorcycle, and phone while in Iraq, so I have the right to do so) and thus will only get it if it's free. Or if I find I must get the app to listen to WGR anywhere in the country.

I just watched The Kaleta's hit and he did not leave his skates until after the initial contact. It was a legal hit, so toughen up, Phoenix.

I won't be watching or listening tomorrow night as I will be at a friend's wedding reception.

05 October, 2009

Well the Sabres lost in OT but I am going to focus on some of the good things I saw. The team was much more willing to get into scraps and looked a lot more physical than last year. Granted, last year I was stuck following the team a day late on blogs or listening at 4 am though I was able to watch a couple games. But the fact remains that last year the Sabres wouldn't have gotten into as many scrums. I loved the way they all had Miller's back on Saturday night. Good job boys. Secondly the penAlty kill seemed on top of things as they went 5 for 5 on the kill. The power play may need work but at least I can have some confidence in the PK. Finally I got to buy a T-shirt and bumpersticker for my new car from my friend Renee.

-- Sharpie

03 October, 2009

17:20 in the 1st -- Timmy Ppg goal great view

1435 -- my hockey terms need refreshed

OK so this live blog will have to waitt til the intermission

after the 1st-- Sabres PK looked alright buut the 2nd PP looked as craptastic as last year's sounded

1-0 Buf after 1

0826 in the 2nd -- can't cplain about Buffalo's grit
17:20 in the 1st -- Timmy Ppg goal great view

02 October, 2009

I am at Best Buy (tm) right now and just saw a great site -- all the display TVs had Hockey on! Tha is right, NHL hockey clips were able to be seen on about 50 TVs in high def.