29 September, 2009

quick hits

Just a few random, mostly non-hockey related thoughts tonight since I feel like throwing something up on here.

1) I almost have a car! I'm just waiting for the inspection (of sorts -- since I live outside of NY it is basically getting a New York inspection without the sticker. I'll have to get a PA inspection when I get it there) then I can pick it up. I'm getting a Ford Explorer with about half as many miles as I was hoping. God certainly provides

2) I might be getting a motorcycle soon. I plan on getting one this fall and tonight saw a good learning one at a great price.

3) What ever happened to music that wasn't over produced and music that was written by the bands who actually have talent? I'm listening to some Sixpence None the Richer on Youtube! (and yes, Youtube! should always be spelled with and exclamation point) because I only have one of their songs. It takes me back to my high school days. They have such a signature sound (well, really it's Leigh Nash's voice). Now days we get over-sampled music that's greatly compressed so the highs and lows are squished together. I heard a cover of "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You" and it seemed far too subdued. I miss the raw sound of earlier rock bands, which is probably why I liked what I heard of Deathcab for Cutie's latest EP. But at least pop has moved out of the '80s synth faze.

4) The season starts on Saturday! It will be great not only to see or hear a meaningful hockey game but also to do so at night instead of 3 or 4 AM. Time to dig out my Sabres shirt that I last saw when I put it in a footlocker in Iraq to send home.

24 September, 2009

Just a few quick updates...

I plan on catching 3 Ahl games this season as the Pirates will face the Scramton/Wilkes-Barre Penguins twice away and the Hartford Wolfpack twice away. I hope to live blog from at least one game via my new phone.

I am still hoping to go to the season opener.

I am still getting used to the fact that games are on in the evening not at 3 am. This also goes for listening to Bauerle on the morning not the evening.

10 September, 2009

Hockey is coming...

Just a few random things on my mind right now (since I actually have extra time)

I hope to get tickets to the Sabres season opener this year. I've never been to an opening game.

I was thinking today about how in less than a week there will be NHL games. Yes, they're pre-season games that don't count for anything, but it does mean that the season is right around the corner.

Speaking of games I hope to see the Portland Pirates a few times this season. They're coming to Scranton a couple times and playing in Hartford, CT twice. Since my sister goes to college near there now I'm hoping to see one of those games with her. It will probably be the second one since it's right before one of her breaks.

I was about to post a comment on a friend's facebook wall about hockey almost being here when I saw she posted a new status update a few hours before. My friend has an interview with the Sabres on Monday! Working for the Sabres would definitely fit her well. (Even if she does like Detroit as well.)

-- Sharpie