11 May, 2008

NHL on Hulu

So recently a friend of mine sent me to a website where one can enjoy TV shows with limited commercials for free (basically 4 commercial breaks in what would be an hour show, each with only 1 commercial). I was able to enjoy a show from when I was younger. (It got the ax in 2000) Recently on that site I found that the NHL posts some full games on there! Unfortunately when I went to watch the Derek Roy highlight (he was the only Sabres player I saw on there with a highlight) there was no audio. The website is hulu.com, and you can also watch some games on there, include a game from the '60s! Or perhaps you'd like to watch the Nordiques play the Candadiens from 1985. For those masochists out there you can also watch the agonizing shoot-out from the Ice Bowl! (I was there, and these pictures prove it!)

Oh yeah, one more thing -- Shootouts suck and should be eliminated.
(And since Ryan Miller must have enough time to read every Sabres blog out there and he's a member of the competition committee I'm officially tasking him with eliminating it from games.


dani said...

Damn you and your Ice Bowl ticket holding self. I would've made out with Ray Emery to get my hands on tickets.

TheSharpie said...

Yeah, my brother bought me a pair of tickets after I couldn't get my hands on a pair myself. At the time we thought I'd be overseas right now. I was in the 300s, but had a great view of the entire ice.