09 October, 2009

When one is entering WNY from the East on I-90 the first radio station to come in is WBEN. AM stations tend to have a bit better coverage than FM as far as strait up distance. I can pick up WBEN somewhere around the 390 (maybe a bit before). The next stations to come in are the FM stations, which start to come in good enough for listening about when I'm passing the RIT Conference Center. Why is it that I have to wait about 30 more miles until I reach the Pembroke exit (48A) in order to hear the Sabres game? WGR really needs to up their power. I heard the last few seconds of the 2nd and the first two goals before I headed into my parents' house. Why, WGR,must you torture me? Apparently there's some app I can get for my I-phone to listen to WGR, but I'm cheap (yes, even though I have an i-phone I can still be cheap and not pay for the extras. I saved up my money for my car, motorcycle, and phone while in Iraq, so I have the right to do so) and thus will only get it if it's free. Or if I find I must get the app to listen to WGR anywhere in the country.

I just watched The Kaleta's hit and he did not leave his skates until after the initial contact. It was a legal hit, so toughen up, Phoenix.

I won't be watching or listening tomorrow night as I will be at a friend's wedding reception.

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Anonymous said...

The iphone app is free.