30 October, 2009

My new favorite player is...

It's nice to see a game tonight, though it looks they're content to sit back with a one goal lead in the third.

I bought a new book last night! "Perrault said to Rico..." is about stories from the Sabres as they started a thriving NHL franchise in a city that many thought could never support a pro team without drawing heavily from southern Ontario. I have to say that I think I have a new all time favorite Sabre -- Kito Tsujimoto, drafted from the Tokyo Katanas, and the man who never existed (though his bumper sticker reminded all those who can read Japanese to "Think Stanley." The book seems to be a must read for Sabres fans and also comes with a CD. I haven't listened to the CD, but I'm enjoying the book (though I've just started).

Perhaps I'll post more after the game.

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