05 October, 2009

Well the Sabres lost in OT but I am going to focus on some of the good things I saw. The team was much more willing to get into scraps and looked a lot more physical than last year. Granted, last year I was stuck following the team a day late on blogs or listening at 4 am though I was able to watch a couple games. But the fact remains that last year the Sabres wouldn't have gotten into as many scrums. I loved the way they all had Miller's back on Saturday night. Good job boys. Secondly the penAlty kill seemed on top of things as they went 5 for 5 on the kill. The power play may need work but at least I can have some confidence in the PK. Finally I got to buy a T-shirt and bumpersticker for my new car from my friend Renee.

-- Sharpie

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