22 October, 2008

First of all I'd like to take this opportunity to give you all a public service announcement. Don't get pepper sprayed. EVER. It sucks, it burns, and you want to gouge your eyes out but know tha it will only make things worse. I can now speak from experience.

So I now have a bit of a Sabres info connection. One of the other guys in my company is from Rochester and gets the scores on his phone. (I can't afford such luxuries). Also, I have been able to call my brother for some info. The best news of all is that when I'm in Iraq I WILL have high speed internet. It will be good to hear RJ's voice again.

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suebur said...

random click on archives- peper spray story! invantory for philly- peper spray! funny thing, I piped up in American Regime with papa shumaker (dr shu) and am going to get extra credit for going to the constitution center! if only I had a military discount! Now me thinks I am done procrastinating and actually pratice my hockey or something else that I can count for home work!