10 October, 2008

Genuine Hockey Content Coming!

So I should have my thoughts on tonight's game posted tonight or tomorrow night. That's right, I am actually going to post hockey content within a reasonable time frame. I ended up in WNY for a few days do to my grandmother's death, and I'm sure after this evening I'm going to need a mental and emotional break, so I intend on watching at least half the game tonight.

Another plus side is that I have begun to introduce my oldest nephew to Hockey. He's lived most of his life in an area deprived on any hockey, but this morning I put on the NHL network for a bit at my parents' house and started talking to him about the game. I hope to increase his interest in the game around Christmas. My nieces were very cute as they watched the highlights and asked questions like "What do they wear on their feet because they're on ice?"

-- Sharpie

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