12 October, 2008

Once again I failed as a blogger

So I said I would have something up by last night and I didn't. I don't think too many of you should blame me after my last entry though.

I did manage to see the second half of the second period on against Montreal. I have to say, I loved the physical play and thought the defense looked pretty good. The power play still sucks, but the PK looked pretty good, and Miller was once again solid in goal from what I saw.

I COULD have seen most of the first and all the second except that I didn't have a car so I had to ride with my brother who decided to stop at the mall to eat instead of just going to Mighty Taco, which would have been more in my budget. But I'll take what I can get, especially since I won't be able to see much until December. (though I do plan on going to 2 games during my Christmas leave)

Although the Sabres did win in a shoot-out I still don't like the shoot-out system. My brother is all for games that end in a skills competition, but then he says that the Sabres will suck this year because they "did nothing to improve this off season after they let Briere and Drury walk away." (I had to walk away about a minute later when he wouldn't listen to reason -- 4th most scoring offense last season and we DID improve by beefing up our defense. But then this if from the kid who thinks that we need someone better than Miller in goal if we want to make the play-offs. Or maybe he said first round of the playoffs. This from the same guy who's been saying the Bills will make the post season for the past 6 or 7 years.)

Speaking of the Bills although I don't really follow football I do think that they could stand a chance this year. If Edwards comes back soon then I'd guess they will definitely make the post-season this year -- I haven't written them off completely.

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