27 December, 2008

Well it's been a while. It really wasn't my fault. (Ok, so an arguement could be made that the past week has been my fault) I didn't have any internet connection for a while and before that it was very limited. It has made following the Sabres extremely difficult, but I'm working on getting caught up with them. The good news is that now I will have a decent internet connection for a least a little bit each day.

From what I've seen the Sabres haven't been doing too well. I'm not sure if it's the injuries (it seems like there's quite a few of them now) or what, but I hope they can snap out of it by Tuesday because I'll be attending the game then. I hope to post more hockey content once I have more of a feel for this season, which has been difficult. I mean seriously, how sad is it that it will be easier for me to follow the Sabres in Iraq than right here in the US?

On a completely unrelated note while I was down south they had the first snow in four years. Yeah, that sucked when the heat in the refugee type tent I was living in didn't really work.

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