21 June, 2008

I haven't dropped of the face of the Earth...

... yet. But I have been at camp. This summer I'm working at a camp and I started counselor training. This weekend I'm doing military stuff. I will still try to update once a week. I was going to put a post up about Portland as the Sabres' new AHL affiliate, but since the Sabres have no means of keeping any secrets that subject has been beat to death. Then I was going to do a bit of research and comment on Portland's player's names, but I just got too busy. In short once again I have failed at blogging.

The Sabres have drafted 2 guys named Tyler so far. Apparently they cut a deal with the Kings to take the first Tyler a round sooner. But lest you think they thought he was important I feel the need to remind you that we only gave up a 3rd round pick next year and a bucket of Buffalo wings.

-- Sharpie

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