05 June, 2008

Cue the fat lady

Well, the off season has officially begun. No more hockey until September. Congratulations to the Red Wings on winning the cup, and I'd tell Pittsburgh better luck next year, but I really don't wan to see them go that far. I'm looking forward to the madness of the free agency. How about some gritty defensemen!

 Defense changes area a-coming -- goodbye Dmitri, and better luck elsewhere. I do thank you for your years as a Sabre, however, and I truly wish you (almost) all the best. (will 90% of the best acceptable?) 

Something about me: I have 6 nieces and nephews so far. If I had more money they would be very spoiled.


dani said...

How weird is this "no hockey" thing?

TheSharpie said...

But I can watch some games on hulu.com here and there. I'm actually going to be busy working at a camp this summer.