09 June, 2008

Dominik Hasek really means it this time...

So Dominik "Iron Groin" Hasek is retiring again. I just realized he's become the Michael Jordon of hockey. But with his third time he means it, and I really don't see him coming back again. 

Sure, The Dominator really meant it when he said he wanted to move back to the Czeck Republic to finish raising his son in 2001 so his son would appreciate his homeland (His son went to college in the US by the way), but he felt he had to come back a year after retirement. And yes, he really really meant he was done the second time he said he would retire last summer, but he felt he had one more season. This time he really really really means it, perhaps because although he had one more season his groin didn't have one more post-season.

It's about time, Dom, and I do hope that WGR keeps playing your "Haseoke" tapes, but I can't say I'll miss you. You are way past your prime and I'm ready to dislike Detroit for no other reasons except the facts that they are a dynasty team and they think they're "hockeytown." Everyone's a fan when you're winning, but Buffalo is the real hockeytown, and this season proved it. 

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dani said...

Haseoke is almost as good as Mic'd up with Marty!!!!!! Almost. Maybe he can turn to acting and singing.

But I agree with you on the whole, Detroit thinking they're hockeytown thing.