30 December, 2008

Well that SUCKED!

Let me start with the positives from today:
    I my niece turned one today, and I got to go to her birthday party before the game.

    I got to watch the game with my sister, which was great. She had fun.

    I sat 4th row! Oh the advantages of procrastinating. Had I bought the tickets in, say, October, rather than the beginning of December then I'd probably have sat in the 300s. This leads to my next point.

    I got some great pictures. (at least I like them)

    Paul Gaustad had some great hits and was fun to watch.

Now for the bad:
    The Sabres didn't feel like showing up with one exception (see above)

    Derek Roy decided to take a penalty in the first minute. Come on!

    The power play still sucks. I've been away from hockey for most of the season (due to circumstances beyond my control), and I had hoped that the power play would improve. Instead I saw lazier skating than at even strength.

    Even the Caps looked a bit bored. Instead of seeing one lazy team I had to watch 2. It sucked seeing my lazy team beaten by another lazy team.

    This is the only game I'll get to see in person this season. I feel very let down. Buffalo Sabres players, you owe me an apology, except for The Goose.

I'll post some pictures in a bit.

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