06 July, 2008

So I'm working at a camp in PA in the Delaware river. You may think that at a camp like that I wouldn't come across many hockey-related tidbits. Sure, I had to wait 'til the weekend to find out that Bernier's gone but the Goose is here to stay. And sure, I had no clue about the back-up goalie until late yesterday afternoon. (By the way, is it just me or do we seem to be taking California's leftovers?) But I did come across someone who was associated with the NHL, or at least who WAS associated with the NHL, as well as the NFL.

To say the least our camp nurse this past week, a volunteer, was overqualified. Turns out he's a nurse practitioner who's worked on Flyers players as well as Eagles players. Yes, I know, I'm not a bit fan of either team, mostly because of the fans, but it was interesting to talk with him. He worked with them for quite a while now, as he remembers Hasek, Steve Shields, and other Sabres. We started talking about hockey because of my Sabres hat. He saw me wearing it and mentioned that he wasn't much of a Sabres fan because of working with the Flyers. He's moving to Ohio, so perhaps he'll end up working with Patrick Kane.

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