23 July, 2008

Everywhere I go...

So I'm in the deep south where the temps have been in the upper 90s with very high humidity. (Last week the heat index was around 120 down here) Yet even here I can find someone to talk to about hockey! One guy down here with me is from Erie, PA, and after he heard my ringtone he informed me that RJ's son, Mark, is the announcer for the Erie Otters. I then learned that he too was at the Ice Bowl Amp/NHL Winter Classic. He also said he can get me tickets to a Sabres game, so come this December I'll get to cheer my team on in person. Due to circumstances outside my control it will most likely be the only game I can attend this season.

But on to other things. I know I'm several days late and probably about $30 short, but I'm going to put my 2 cents in on the Ryan Miller contract extension anyway. First off I'd like to address Bucky and the gang down at TBN sports section. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Turns out that Ryan Miller doesn't hate Buffalo, nor does he have a burning desire to move to Detroit or Chicago or anywhere else. I am typing this before reading the comments of others, so I have no clue if the hypothetical (and very possibly non-existent) 5/25 deal has finally happened, but I do rejoice that I won't have to hear anyone crying about how we let Miller go without any effort at all. It turns out that Darcy Regier and Larry Quinn MIGHT know something about running a hockey team after all.

I will also say that I have already heard a complaint about this situation. This next comment is for my younger brother and others like him. Ryan Miller is a great goalie. Signing him was a good move on the part of the Sabres. That's right, my own brother said that this was a bad deal. Let's review Miller's last season -- a franchise high number of games played, 3 shut-outs (a career high), and a 9.02 (or .03, I don't remember exactly) save percentage, despite being physically worn down. Yeah, sounds like a real loser to me. Give me a break.

On Saturday I will continue my series on why I love the Sabres in particular and hockey in general.

-- Sharpie

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