17 July, 2008

For Love of the Game, part I

Well, I'm down in the deep south where it's hot and humid. I also don't have a steady internet connection. (As I type this I'm in a nice air conditioned internet cafe type place) This makes it diffucult to follow anything having to do with hockey. Don't worry, that won't stop me from bloviating about something hockey related. I'm going to TRY and start a series to get me through the rest of the off-season. So, without further ado I present "Reasons Sharpie Loves Hockey, Part I."

I love the physical side of hockey. Sure, footbal is a very physical game as well, but after they hit each other they stand around for 5 minutes. In hockey after you get hit you're expected to get up and chase after the puck. Even when goals aren't being scored there's plenty of action for all. Furthermore, hockey has some nice solid boundries to smack one's opponent into. One of the reasons I enjoy (occasionally, when I can afford it) sitting in the 100 section is the satisfying sound of a bone-crunching crash off the boards. And who could forget the RJ Umburger hit in the Easter Conference Round I of the 2006 Stanley Cup Playoffs? I would go on about this, but I don't have much time remaining.

-- Sharpie

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