29 August, 2010

Fun Stuff and Odds & Ends

When I was in school (I think around 8th or 9th grade) one of the teachers (my friend John's mom) organized us to play Boomwhackers (plastic tubes which are designed to play a specific note when struck) and we performed "Joyful, Joyful." Today my my college West Civ teacher discovered them via the internet and posted some videos. One of them caught my eye, and so I give you Sabre Dance performed on Boomwhackers.

I know many of you are a trapped in the off-season lull, but I am already getting excited for the season. I can't wait for hockey to start. We already have the schedules out and soon the season will start. Being a fan from the distance isn't always (read: is never) easy, especially when I don't have fancy things like satellite TV or NHL Season Pass, but I love following the games. (I've mentioned before how I got the Flycast app for my phone so I can drive around listening to RJ calling the game even when I'm 4 hours away from Buffalo. 'Tis great!) I love that more of my fellow bloggers will have regular Sabres updates, and that feeling during the first few games that anything's possible, no matter what decisions, good, bad, or indifferent, were made during the off season. There's something about the start of the season which is full of hope, and I, for one, can't wait for everyone to get swept up it. That, to me, is a huge part of what being a fan is all about.

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