01 February, 2010

Buyer's Remorse

If I were the GM of an NHL team other than the Sabres I think I would make it a policy never to sign a free agent who came from the Sabres. The Flyers signed Briere and all they for was a huge cap hit plagued with injuries. Drury's production has dropped significantly since signing with the Rangers and now Ales Kotalik is a -18 and looking for a new team. Now the trades seemto be doing alright but if I were a supersticious person (which I am most definitely not) I might infer there is a post-Buffalo curse. I, however, think that someone decided to make a calculated risk that didn't work for the Flyers and Rangers but paid off (in part) for Buffalo.

I started typing this in the morning but heard that Kotalik is off to Calgary for a 4th liner.

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