26 August, 2009

I've managed to stump one of the greats...

First of all I am NOT dead or missing! Life got busy here in Iraq for quite a while. (getting up very early and being up relatively late will do that, but someone had to make breakfast and dinner). My job has since changed, and I hope that by the time the hockey season starts I'll be back to updating regularly!

As some have reported Direct TV is dropping the VS network at the end of the month. (barring a last minute negotiation) I decided to e-mail one of the hockey blogosphere's greatest minds in an attempt to find out how this will affect us fans. The following is from me:

With Direct TV dropping the VS network at the end of the month (barring last minute contract negotiations) what would it take for the NHL to opt out of their current contract with the network? Is there any chance that those of us who have Direct TV will be able to see more of the NHL than just our local teams without buying the Center Ice package?

-- Sharpie"

I figured that with his vast knowledge of the hockey world and how he keeps track of everything from salary cap figures and trade possibilites to the lastest on the Jim Balsillie saga he would have some light to shed on the matter. Imagine my shock when I received teh following e-mail in response:

"Jeez, Justin I really don't know. We don't have all these stupid television issues with the NHL here in Canada fortunately and there are tons of games on basic cable

Lemme see if I can get an answer to that from the league.


At least as a well respected hockey journalist he knows who to talk to in the league to get the info. As much as I hate the Versus announcers I just don't have the money for the Center Ice package. (Assuming I do get satellite or cable when I get back.) I am trying to expand my hockey knowledge, especially in the Western conference.

We can still blame Gary Bettman for this one, right?

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