05 February, 2009

Ah, hockey, my old friend!

So I did something partly stupid -- I got very little sleep last night in order to listen to the game. I missed the first period because I messed up the time zone conversion, but it's alright. (In my defense I knew I'd have a few extra hours today to get a nap in.)

It was great to hear RJ again (it's been longer for me than most Sabres fans), and I always enjoy hearing us crush the Leafs. It sounded like at the Sabres were sharp tonight, and it helped that the Leafs didn't show up. (Have I ever mentioned how their team name bugs me? The plural of leaf is leaves, not leafs. It really bothers me!) I would have loved to see the game just to see the silent leafs fans. And to top it all off our boys wore the good jerseys tonight.

Congratulations to Vanek on his hat trick and to Miller for his shut out. Now lets keep this up against Montreal

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