22 January, 2009

So once I get my own internet I plan on listening to the games. But it will be odd to have the games starting at 3 am.

One thing I love about the blogosphere is that I can find out about the games first thing in the morning which is the next evening for most of you. It is odd to look up the scores in the paper and find that they are a day behind. But hey, that gives me incentive to get my butt down to the internet center to look up what is happening.

So the boys got together and decided to make a good run. I hope they can keep it up after this this morning's last night's game. Keep up the winning boys so I can don my Sabres hat in Iraq in late April.

That's all for now,
-- Sharpie

P.S. I saw camels on the road yesterday. Our busses had to stop because some of them are in the road.

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