12 January, 2009

4-1-0 for the new year -- I'll take that since I think we were still in the game with the Red Wings deep into the 3rd. Unfortunately I'm not quite sure because the router here kept kicking me off every 2 minutes and I missed the first half because of a meeting. How sad is it that I'm looking forward to Iraq because I'll have a better internet connection that I have here in the States? But I digress.

Rutuu is a total retard. I mean really, biting the other guy's thumb? Tysen at least went for the guy's ear. I might expect that from a 5 year old in a Tim-bits hockey game, but even then I'd like to think that at 5 year old hockey player knows that you only bite in fights off the rink. As for whether or not Peters was truly hurting after the bite I'll just ask you if you've ever been bitten. If not then shut up, morons. Yes, it hurts when you get bitten. The jaw is quite strong, though I don't feel like looking up exactly how many pounds per square inches of force the average adult human's jaw exerts.

Well, that's all for now.
-- Sharpie

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