12 April, 2008

Sabres fight on (sort of)

So, you thought that all Sabres hockey is over 'til next season. (or at least 'til the world tournament. Oh, and all you crazy Canadians need to chill out about Pomminville. Just because he chose not to play for you doesn't mean he doesn't love you.) "The Sabres are out of the play offs" you say. And yes, that is true. "So are the Ameriks, thus ending our long affiliation with their organization." Again, also true. (On an unrelated note, I'm still wondering who our new affiliate will be.) "The Sabres and all their prospects are done 'til next season," you say. NOT TRUE!

Boston College and Notre Dame are duking it out as we speak to earn the honor of being the NCAA Men's hockey champions. And Boston College has not one, but TWO Sabres prospects playing for them! Nathan Gerber had a hat trick for Boston in the semi-finals, and the other Sabres prospect, Andrew Orpik had the opening goal. So if you have cable the turn on ESPN and enjoy for one last night! After that enjoy the play-offs. (On a side note the Pens had their way with the Sens last night, hahaha!)

-- Sharpie

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