23 April, 2008


So I went to a hockey game tonight. Since I'm currently near Hershey, PA, I went to see the Hershey Bears (AHL affiliate of the Washington Capitals) play the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Penguins (AHL affiliate of the Pittsburgh Penguins, just in case you couldn't figure the out from their name). The power plays were, well, horrible. A few time the Penguins didn't look like they realized they had one more man that the Bears, and the first few Bears power plays looked like the Penguins had the advantage with how many shots they had. It kind of reminded me of a certain NHL team's power play at the end of the season. (At least it looked like how the Sabres power play sounded. If you don't understand that it's OK. Just remember that I had to listen to Sabres games, when the network was fast enough. Oh the trials and tribulations of being a long-distance fan without NHL Center Ice. I think I'm going to spring for that next year.)''

The Bears were up by one when we hit the 1 minute left in regulation mark, but the Pens had pulled their goalie. The first 10 seconds of the last minute were solid, and the then the Bears must have decided that they had the game wrapped up. Having seen many a Sabres game I knew they they weren't safe yet, and with about 18 seconds to go the Pens tied it up. But 20 seconds into OT the Bears won it. 

It was interesting going to a game without rooting for or against either team. I was able to cheer for every goal and just enjoy the game. Yet now I am hoping the Hershey wins the next game so that I can go to another game here. I kind of doubt that this will happen since the bears are down 3-1 in the series.

One more fun thing -- I wore my Sabres t-shirt and hat to the game. As I was walking to the car someone stopped me to say that they liked the Sabres as well. I love who where ever I go when I wear my Sabres gear I can run into someone who's a Sabres fan. This has happened in times Square, Hilton Head, and downtown Scranton, and now in Hershey. Yep, Buffalo is the real hockeytown USA!


dani said...

haha When I went to Manhattan, I saw this kid with a Sabres hat and I about attacked him. YES! SABRES! He laughed at me. His mom smiled but he was a little freaked out I think.

TheSharpie said...

I was in NYC during the Sabres/Rangers series the day of Game 3 (the Sabres were up 2-0 in the series) and a random guy on the subway asked me if we were going to let them win any games. About 5 minutes later when I was getting off the Subway I heard some lady yell "Yeah, lets go, Buffalo!"