30 March, 2008

My first post.

Well, I have decided to start a Sabres blog. I decided to try this a few months ago but decided to wait until I got a catchy name. (I've given up on the catch name. I'm just not creative enough). My goal here is just to spew "vomitous mass" as one of English teachers used to say, about the Sabres. I don't live in WNY anymore, nor do I have NHL Center Ice, and I am often busy during the actual games, so that rules out meaningful commentary. Instead I will share my thoughts and opinions, no matter how wacked-out and/or wrong, from my limited perspective.

Now for a bit about me, mostly from a hockey perspective. I grew up in WNY, but never really got attached to the Bills. I find hockey to be a much more entertaining game. I grew up near Sabreland (now hockey outlet or whatever), and I remember my dad taking me to watch the Sabres practice when I was 4 or 5 years old. I think I was in Middle school when I went to my first Sabres game. I remember the playoffs in '98, rushing home to watch the finals in '99 after being out with my brother. We were re-finishing the living room floor at the time, but we made sure the TV was still on. Oh, the heartbreak of "No Goal."

I remember when Hasek left the ice after the Penguins game, knowing he was done with the Sabres, then being angry when he signed with Detroit. (But he wanted one more year, "just one Cup" before going back to the Czech Republic to raise his son  there. How many years ago was that?) I remember the Regis years, the collapse, and in '05 saying that the Sabres wouldn't be as bad as everyone said. They were even better than I though they'd be.

I was in Carolina for game 5 of the ECF in '06 -- I flew down for the game after church, then rode back with my brother and my cousin. Last year I remember watching part of the Rangers series at my buddy's house. (he was a Rangers fan) I remember when they won the last game how I walked across campus to find the 2 or 3 other Sabres fans to let them know. And I remember after they lost saying (and even saying on facebook) that they'd win the cup in '09. (claim to which I still hold) And thanks to my brother, I was at the Ice Bowl when the NHL's script played out to make their marketing golden boy (Sidney Crosby) the hero.

On a more personal note I grew up in WNY, the 3rd of 5 kids. My family is pretty close, though not geographically, so expect to hear about them once in a while on here. I went to college in PA, originally to become a Youth Pastor, then ran out of money and joined the Army, which in turn caused me to change my major to pre-chapliancy. I'm working to become a chaplain (still a few years off). 

Perhaps in a couple days I'll post some thoughts on the season. Oh, and my goal is to post a couple times a week, which may or may not happen.

-- Sharpie

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Heather B. said...

I love the RJ audio clip in your profile. Love it!

What are you thinking starting a hockey blog right before the season ends?! :-D (I totally did the same thing.)